Workout Must-Haves

Hey friends! From the workout to the street, athleisure is the most versatile and comfortable clothing out there. Last year I was more lax about how often I moved my body but this year I started in a new direction. We invested in a Peloton and I have been LOVING it! (not sponsored, I wish). From working out or doing a nice yoga flow at home to going out to grab coffee these recommendations will have you covered!

I’m loving everything Lululemon. At first, I thought, is it really worth the price? Do I need it? Well now that I am the proud owner of roughly 15 pieces of their wear I can say it definitely is worth it. However, try the outlets first, they’ll save you a ton!

Lululemon Leggings // Ugg Boots // North Face Jacket // Zara bag (similar) // Similar sweater

These leggings are some of my favorite, they’re bright and fun but are also SO comfy!! This was the best outfit for a walk around the city with a delicious latte at hand. The sweater linked is the same brand and similar. I got mine on clearance super cheap so it was too big, so I cropped it.

Zara Jacket // Lululemon Leggings // Doc Marten boots // Belt Bag (similar)

These are still my Lululemon leggings, with a cute workout long sleeve underneath the jacket, I just styled it up with a cute belt bag crossed over, a gorgeous jacket, and my fav boots.

Leggings and shorts are really the only workout clothing I spend more money on, as for me I feel it affects my training more if I’m uncomfortable in those areas. Usually for shirts and tanks and sports bras I go for whatever is cute/on sale. There are so many sites out now that have such cute workout items so the possibilities are endless. Below I’ll link some of my fav accessories/ items I use for a great home workout.

  1. Peloton Bike- linked here
  2. Hand Weights – linked here
  3. Ankle Weights- linked here
  4. Yoga Blocks- linked here
  5. Yoga Strap- linked here
  6. Yoga Mat- linked here
  7. Headphones- Airpods
  8. Scrunchies- linked here
  9. Protein- linked here
  10. Pre workout- linked here

Leave a comment with your must have workout clothing item or accessory!

Favorite Workout Clothing

Hello again, I am back. Boy has it been awhile. You know when life just happens and gets in the way of everything you had planned? Well that has been the past few months.

I’m here to share my absolute FAVORITE workout pieces. As you know I am a health and fitness coach along with writing this blog, so a good piece of workout clothing is key to that side of my life. For the longest time I was SO SO against Lululemon. Not because I had tried it and hated it, but because I hated the price and didn’t believe the quality would be worth it. Boy was I wrong. The quality is unparalleled.

I am obsessed with the Align pant as well as the Wunder Under leggings. They feel like butter and they hug you just right. Yes, the price tag isn’t anyone’s favorite BUT I’m here to help. Outlets. Yes they have outlet stores. Find one and run. The prices are at least $30 less than the normal retail price AND if you are either military (or spouse) OR a yoga instructor you get 25% off!! I have bought 2 pairs of leggings and paid the same as I would for other brands for much more comfort! Their bralettes are amazing and fairly priced as well, but if you are larger chested, I would stick to a normal sports bra.

(Pictured: Align Pant and Bralette)

Okay you guys. I know, not everyone will get the extra percentage off, so Lululemon still may not be for everyone, totally understandable.

So let’s move on to my next favorite. Fabletics. Hands down, second fav. The sizing is a little off in my opinion (size up) but other than that the quality is great. I love the variety of styles that are offered as well as the variety of colors and patterns. The price can be steep if you don’t sign up for the VIP membership. It is super easy, gives you a huge discount and if you don’t want your selected outfit you just skip the month. I have gotten multiple pieces that I absolutely LOVE for the fraction of other brand’s prices. I love Fabletics for everyday wear, I mean who doesn’t love wearing leggings all day everyday? The style and the comfort make them great for outdoor activities.


(Pictured: First leggings, second leggings)

Obviously there are MANY other brands that are fantastic, but these are my top two recommendations if you’re into great workout gear!