Self Care Days

After a busy week there is nothing better than taking a day or two for yourself! Take your available day off to relax and do things that make your soul shine for the coming week.

Ideally, you’ll want to do what YOU love. I’ll share some things that I love to do or want to try, and I’ll also share some options recommended to me.

First decide if working out that day is something you want to do to honor your body, or if you feel you need rest. If you need rest, then go on with your day relaxing. If a workout would make you feel good, then throw on your fav workout clothes and get moving! My favorite thing about working out (besides wearing my favorite clothes) is the endorphin high afterwards. I swear on my worst days, all I need is a good workout to get me feeling like myself again.

Now, treat yourself to a delicious coffee or matcha or whatever drink you fancy. I usually go for coffee however matcha does tend to hit the spot on slow moving days. If going out for coffee isn’t your jam, you can always make something cozy at home or just drink water, hydration is key. Something else I really love to do to either get my day started or to help relax me throughout is a little bit of yoga. If you worked out the stretching aspect is nice, if you didn’t, do some restorative work it will deepen your relaxation and make you feel SO good.

Now that we are in an ultimate relaxation stage, take a long nice hot bath or shower with some eucalyptus. I hang eucalyptus over my shower head so that every steamy soak refreshes and relaxes my senses. If you enjoy baths I definitely recommend a nice bath bomb or maybe some epsom salts for muscle soreness and fatigue. Add a bit of lavender and light a candle, and you’re on your way to bliss.

All of these suggestions are interchangeable, if you like to workout in the evening do that, if not then dont. But make sure you make time to eat throughout the day! Nourish yourself to feel your best. I’ll be honest, I’m not a girl who loves to cook and I’m definitely someone who gives into her cravings more often then I like to admit, however I do notice a big change in my body and mood when I eat something healthy at home.

Now the rest of your day can go however you like. If you are in the mood to go out, throw on a cute, comfortable outfit and hit the town. If staying in is your vibe for this particular self care day then cozy up on the couch with a homemade cocktail, a hot tea, or whatever makes you feel good. Put on your fav show or movie or read your favorite book that you haven’t given yourself the time to read and indulge. Lower your expectations of what you think needs to be done that day and relax. Plan to do it tomorrow. Your body and mind need proper care to function at your highest level and frankly, you deserve to feel wonderful inside and out.

Now start planning your next self care day, what suggestions to you have for others reading this? What do you plan to do to make your soul shine?

Let me know in the comments or DM me on instagram!

My Favorites/Gift Ideas

Now that Halloween is over, I feel now is the time to start sharing all of my favorites and possible ideas for gifts for that special lady in your life. (That may be yourself, and I’m all for that).

Some items in the list are things I have now, I’ve had in the past, or I really want but have tried on in person. First up, are my fashion favs!

  1. Chelsea Platform Doc Martens– My all time favorite boot, they are so comfortable and durable. Something about them makes me feel powerful and confident. They are pricey however they are worth every penny, they will last for years. Tip: If you’re a student you get 20% off!
  2. Black Adidas beanie– I actually just purchased this yesterday and I feel like I haven’t taken it off since. It is so warm and comfortable. I feel like some beanies can feel heavy and constricting, not this one! I got mine from Marshall’s at half the price they normally are, so def check there first if it’s on your list.
  3. Marc Jacobs Crossbody– I’ve had a few Marc Jacobs bags in the past and this is one that I REALLY want. Like the others it’s simplistic, edgy, and great quality. (ON SALE- 30% off right now!)
  4. A Classic Black Blazer– I love them. Something about the sophisticated look of them to dress up any outfit will always be a fav. Tip: Buy them a little oversized over some leggings with boots. SO cute!
  5. Spanx Faux Leather leggings– These are so good. They hug you so well that you feel like strutting everywhere you go. They look chic and edgy but are oh so comfy! I had a pair that was sadly too small, but I am looking to buy a pair again! Tip: Size up, they do run small. I’m 5′ and I fit the petite.
  6. A good pair of black skinny jeans– My favorite jeans currently are either Levi’s or Abercrombie however once we get down to Seattle where the closest Madewell is I will be trying out their jeans! I could order online, but I do want to see about sizing, who knows maybe I’ll just go for it 😉
  7. Black croc leather phone case– I just purchased mine on Etsy and I am in love! I will link the direct store I purchased from, the quality is great and it shipped fast. They also offer a personalization! I got my initials in gold on the case, so cute!
  8. Zara satin tank– One of my favorite purchases from Zara. It is lightweight but elegant. It dresses up a cute pair of jeans with some mules and maybe a blazer. Tip: Size up if you want more of a loose fit, mine is pretty tight, runs small.
  9. Steve Madden Snakeskin mules– These are on my want list! I’ve tried them on and I love them so much I just have yet to actually purchase. They are fantastic quality and so comfortable. I would recommend sizing up a half size, they run a little small. I linked similar to the ones I want.
  10. A classic white button up– I purchased mine from H&M, you can get a nice one anywhere however I wanted something on the cheaper side because I didn’t know at the time how much I would wear it. I love it so much, it is such a staple in my closet. It makes any outfit a little more sophisticated and sexy. I usually pair it over the Zara tank.
  1. Bumble and Bumble Dry Oil spray– I got this stuff last time I got my hair done because my frizz was out of control, I love it so much! It smells amazing and it’s nice and light. I have fine hair, but a lot of it so regular oil weighs me down and gets too greasy.
  2. Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume– I just got this perfume yesterday after searching for the perfect scent and I am so in love with it. It is a deeper more seductive scent rather than the light florals I usually reach for, it is by far my fav. Plus the packaging is beautiful. Tip: it’s 15% off right now!
  3. Boar Bristle brush– This brush is great for detangling without pain, it is apparently great for breakage and frizz. So far I love mine.
  4. Ouai Leave in Conditioner– This makes my hair so soft, because I have a ton of fine hair they tangle oh so easily so a good leave in is necessary. This really helps detangle and smooth out my hair.
  5. Hempz Body Wash– The white peach and peony scent is wonderfully refreshing. It smells amazing and the formula is nice and moisturizing. It’s on the pricier side however if you can find a good sale they’re worth it.
  6. Benefit Cheek Stars Palette– I’ve tried the Hoola Bronzer and Dandelion Blush before and loved them, this palette is on my want list.
  7. Charlotte Tillbury Legendary Lashes– I love this mascara. The brush is the perfect shape for lengthening lashes without clumping them. The formula is long lasting and makes your eyelashes look long and elegant.
  8. Nars Lipstick– I got the shade Anita, this lipstick is beautiful, from it’s packaging to it’s formula. The packaging is black and sleek and edgy with a magnetic assisted closure. The color is a beautiful mix of pinks and reds.
  9. Tula skincare set– I have tried a few products from Tula previously but recently ordered this set as I am in need of a new skincare routine. This set is on a great sale and is too good to pass up.
  10. Drybar Liquid Glass shampoo & conditioner– One word for these, LOVE. The scent is subtle and beautiful and the sleek, shine that it gives my hair is fabulous. This is my first time purchasing high end shampoo and conditioner and all I can say is.. why did I wait so long?
  11. Morphe Eyebrow pencil– This is so cheap but great quality. I got the second lightest shade because I like my eyebrows darker. Highly recommend.
  12. Hot Tools 1.25″ barrel curling iron– This curling iron does a great job, it isn’t the quality of the higher end more expensive ones, however for the price it is a great iron. Eventually I will invest in a higher end one, but this iron has lasted me a long time and given me well over what I paid.
  13. Morphe Liquid Lipstick– I was a little unsure when I saw that this lipstick is only $10, but when I put it on I was in disbelief. It is light and moisturizing. My lips didn’t flake like they do with some liquid lipsticks, it has that barely there feel.
  14. Chanel Chance perfume– This perfume is a staple of mine, it is on the lighter more floral side but I’ve had it for a while and love it.

Are there any favorites you have that you’re excited to gift?

Online Shopping (pt 1)

Hi ladies! It has been a minute since I’ve posted. I’ve been in school and trying to navigate life with all of the new regulations. But let’s not talk about that right now, it’s already saturating everyday life, right?! I know you all are similar to me where you can’t go out and go shopping so why not online shop?? SO many stores are having sales and although shipping has been taking longer it is worth the wait.

Honestly a few of my orders still haven’t come in and it’s been over a month, BUT the companies have been super helpful and again, there are other things to think about right now.

So let’s get into it!

As of late I have been trying my best to change over most of my products to natural and ethically made to do my part in helping out my body and the planet. I haven’t done this with every single piece but primarily I do my best. Sephora had a pretty decent sale so I chose a few things to try out for my first time!

Sephora Goodies

The first thing I purchased is the Youth To The People Superfood Air Whip Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer. Boy is that a long name! I’ve read many great things about this product and it is a “Clean at Sephora” product. Honestly it’s a little spendy at $48 for 2 oz, however I’m willing to pay for quality and healthy products. That is my only “clean” product I purchased as I have a good amount of skincare at home, but I did order two lip products I’ve heard great things about. The first is the Too Faced Lip injection lip plumper. I only purchase the mini size as I am pretty picky about lip gloss and didn’t want to pay full price if I didn’t like it. The mini sized product is only a few dollars less, but I hate to create waste if I dont have to. My last purchase from Sephora is the Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss. I have heard people rave about the quality of this gloss and I couldn’t pass up purchasing it on sale. I purchased the shade “shimmering soft pink” and I cannot wait for it to come in the mail to try.

Next up is Urban Outfitters. They had 50% off their sale items and you guys, I bought so much! This is one of those orders that has taken over a month to get here (face palm) but I understand and customer service is helping me out! I bought a good mix of home things and personal! (I will do my best to link what I purchased, again they are sale items so hopefully they’re still in stock).

Sephora Goodies (1)

First up for my home items is this beautiful Rattan Mirror, unfortunately it is sold out, but if it comes back in stock, jump at it, it is beautiful. Next I purchased this really pretty Sherpa Butterfly chair cover. I wont lie, I thought it was the whole chair at first thought, but the cover is beautiful and goes great with the gold base I purchased off of Amazon. It is pricey, but at 50% off I couldn’t pass it up and it’s still in stock. I also got a candle, because they smell AMAZING but aren’t worth full price (in my opinion) I ordered the scent “Dusk”. I had planned on sharing all of my home purchases but they are no longer on site. So these are the few that I loved from my order!

My personal items like sweaters and shirts that I purchased from UO has not come in yet, I will create a new post for this once they come in as I dont want to share anything until I know it’s great quality and I completely love it. (Watch for that in the coming weeks)

I ordered two pairs of jeans from Abercrombie but had to exchange sizes on one pair so I’ll share the one pair that I do love. These are it, they are SO comfy, high wasted and the distressed bottoms have me in love. I also just looked and they still have BOGO 50% off jeans!

Look out for part 2 as I receive my items in the mail!






Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Gift guide for the beauty lover 



  1. Drunk Elephant Moisturizer // I got this stuff at Sephora as my birthday gift set and OMG is it good. I’m not a fan of the price point, which is probably why I like the quality so much, but luckily this holiday season Drunk Elephant has many gift sets available. (Like this one)
  2. OGX Coconut Miracle Oil // This oil is SO good. I started using it about a month ago and my hair has never been so soft and smooth. It smells amazing and doesn’t weigh down your hair. I love it most because it doesn’t make your hair look greasy.
  3. Farmacy Night Balm //  Such a good product. I got this night balm in one of my Ipsy bags awhile back in a sample size, and I love it. It has a nice, natural smell and not too oily of a texture. I also love that Farmacy is a clean brand, added bonus.
  4. Jouer Lip Balm // OK. This stuff is a little pricy. BUT it is SO good. It is a lip enchancer more than a chapstick so it plumps and firms your lips as you wear it. Let me tell you, it works. I’ve been wearing it consistently throughout the day for the past like 2 wks, and boy my lips look good. lol. Highly recommend this item. It’s on Amazon BUT I would purchase it from a retailer as oddly enough it is more expensive on Amazon, by like $8.
  5. Drunk Elephant Cleanser // So again, as I said before, I received this in my bday gift from Sephora and of course even though it’s pricy I fell madly in love with it. It is such a good cleanser. My face feels so clean after and it’s not drying. It has a light scent and jelly like texture and I love that it is a clean product. Overall, my new fav, just not a fan of the hefty price tag.
  6. Buxom Lip Balm // I love this. I actually scored it for cheap at TJ Maxx, which was the only reason I decided to try it out. Well that and I love Buxom. It is good, it has a pretty pink tint to it and that nice Buxom plumping tingle you know if you’ve used their products.
  7. Pureology Leave-In Treatment // This Pureology along with the coconut oil makes my hair SO soft. It smells amazing and is super lightweight. I use this as a heat protectant as well as styling spray. They say it works best with other Pureology products, I’ve found it to work great on it’s own as well. (Right now Ulta is doing a free full sized bottle with purchase!!)
  8. Pravana Purple Shampoo // OK. I have used at least 5 different kinds of purple shampoo, brassiness doesn’t look good on me. lol. However, THIS one is the best I have ever used and it’s at an amazing price point. $16 for a full bottle that has lasted me months is AMAZING. One use and all the brassiness is gone and it doesn’t have the gross toner smell to it. Def a must have for any blonde bombshells on your list.
  9. Lush Hair Treatment // Lush has some amazing products but this is my fav. I love that it is a hair treatment geared toward blondes. It has a light citrus scent. The texture of the treatment isn’t thick by any means and I think that is the one downfall since it directs you to apply it on dry hair, however it still makes my hair super soft and shiny.
  10. Kate Somerville Mask // This Wrinkle Warrior plumping mask is everything. It goes on with a gel like, cool texture and it’s hot pink. What’s not to love? The only drawback I have for this mask is the scent. Honestly, it smells like bar soap, which if you like that scent, you’re golden, however I was hoping for something more….. girly maybe? Other than that I only have raves about this product. Last thing, I scored this at TJ for like $15.. so if you can hold off until you can find a solid deal, I would.


I have used these products many, many times and love them now more than the first. I would never recommend anything I haven’t tried and love myself. Also always remember, when it comes to skincare and hair product recs to use your best judgement. You know what kind of skin you have and what will break you out/ wont work best for you. These are just products I love and that work really well for me! I hope you find some goodies for either yourself or your BFF!



Simple Ways to Practice Self Care

When is the last time you focused on something for yourself? For your body? For your soul?

A year ago? What?!

Listen, it doesn’t have to be something extravagant or expensive, it just has to be something that makes YOU feel good.

So here we go, I’m going to share some common self care practices that either don’t take too much effort or don’t take too much $$.

Since I’ve started focusing in on my health and wellness, I’ve really been trying to focus on bettering my self care practices. Taking time for yourself changes your inner self for the better. So let’s start now!

  1. Burn your favorite scented candle (LOVE TO DO THIS)
  2. If baths are your thing, take one, a long one with bubbles and salts.
  3. Relax. Meditate and breath. Really take a few minutes to recenter yourself.
  4. Go outside. The sun is crazy good for your body and mind.
  5. Enjoy a hot cup of tea before bed. It will help you calm down and fall asleep.
  6. Start a gratitude journal. They say you can change your happiness in just 21 days.
  7. LEARN TO SAY NO. This is vital to your well being. And remember, no one needs an explanation.
  8. Take a walk or a hike or a bike ride. Get some fresh air and move your body.
  9. Workout. The endorphin rush is enough to make it worth it.
  10. Eat WELL. Fuel your body with nutrient rich foods, not processed crap.
  11. Stretch. Breathe and reach for your toes, feel your body elongate.
  12. Unplug. No computers, no phones, no social media. Take time away from the screen
  13. Read a book. Get lost in a story. If thats not your thing, read a Personal Development book and expand your mind.
  14. Go out to coffee or lunch with a friend. Catch up over a capp.
  15. Write down a few positive affirmations. Go over them again. And again.
  16. Take yourself on a date. Embrace yourself. Show yourself the love you show so many others.
  17. Do a face mask. Do a hair mask. Shave your legs. Do some self care that makes you feel unstoppable.
  18. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? What do you want? Are you ok?
  19. Speak up. If you don’t like something, say it. If you feel something, say it. Do not internalize.
  20. Wear your favorite outfit. Feel confident and beautiful. Because you are.
  21. Call a loved one. This one goes both ways, they’ll feel the love too.
  22. Binge watch your favorite show. It can be hard and not feel ok to slow down, but just remember you can’t give your best if you never relax and slow down.
  23. Give yourself grace. You are doing a great job. It is ok to not always be on and working.
  24. Let go of toxic people. Just because you’re close doesn’t give them a right to continue to know you. Remember that.
  25. Go get a mani & pedi. One of the best forms of self care in my opinion.
  26. Laugh. Watch a funny movie or stand up comedy. Laugh with a friend or family member. Let it go and laugh.
  27. Take control of your finances. This isn’t a fun one but it’s necessary for a good future.
  28. Splurge on yourself. Obviously don’t go overboard but a treat now and again doesn’t hurt.
  29. Forgive. Forgive those who hurt you in the past, let it go so you can move on.
  30. Get out of your comfort zone. Great things will come from it and it will help you grow as a person.
  31. Work toward something that inspires you. Continue to push for your dreams.
  32. Create a vision board. Get clear on your goals and go for them. Don’t stop until you’re there.
  33. Buy yourself some flowers. They don’t have to be expensive but they do have to make you happy.
  34. Diffuse your favorite oils. Whether you’re a lavender girl or a fresh lemon type. Whatever helps relax you, diffuse it.
  35. Sleep in. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason.
  36. Go makeup free for a day. Wake up, wash your face, and moisturize. Let your skin breathe the rest of the day.
  37. Silence your inner mean girl. Her words don’t matter.
  38. Bake/buy your favorite treat. Sweet treats are never wrong.
  39. Declutter your space. Productivity happens when you have a clear area.
  40. Reflect on all that you have accomplished. It’s easy to forget and focus on the negative, but remember how much you have done. It’s important.


There are SO many other good ones, but here is a short list to get you started, babes.




Budget Friendly Beauty Finds

If y’all know me, you know I’m a girl who absolutely LOVES makeup. I love learning new techniques and learning about all of the new products to try. One of my least fav things though is the high prices of most quality brands. I love brands like Tarte, Too Faced, Marc Jacobs, etc. But I don’t always like paying the price for quality. I buy when I find a good sale and I buy dupes. At this time in my life budget friendly is my best friend.


Recently I was able to take Tarte up on their sale for $60 for a full face of makeup (including the make up bag, omg). So far these products have been my absolute favorite.


All of these for $60?! I know too hard to believe. I think this is a sale Tarte runs once to twice a year and I got lucky enough to catch it! (thanks to one of those Insta adds that knows what you need before you do) But this foundation and this concealer are absolutely NECESSARY! Complete coverage without feeling heavy & blends in wonderfully.


I love these liquid lipsticks, they glide on evenly and last forever without drying out your lips. ( Tarteist lip paint, Kat Von D everlasting lipstick, Too Faced Melted Matte) Must haves, for sure.


Before this purchase I had never tried blush in any other form than powder, but this Tarte cheek stain is PERFECT. I love this shade (Glisten) and it smells amazing. The pigment is subtle which is a win since I am so darn pale. Definite must have if you’re looking for a great, long lasting blush. I also have been using this Anastasia Beverly Hills blush compact (in shade Cocktail Party) and love it! Got it for a steal of a price at Tj Maxx and am so happy I got it.


Now these are my FAVORITE part of my makeup routine. Both I got at a great price! The Tarte Highlighter (left) I got on sale at Sephora, and this AMAZING drug store bronzer was also a great deal. I love the pigment of the bronzer (especially because I’m way too pale for my own good) and it blends on so smooth. Great buy! The highlighter is also a beautiful shade that blends on so evenly and so perfect. This shade is perfect for fair skin tones and is comparable to the one pictured above. Must haves!

All of the makeup products in this post were not purchased at full price. I either found them on a great sale with some sort of coupon code OR I found them at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s also at a GREAT price! I swear by every single product and love using them daily.

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