Self Care Days

After a busy week there is nothing better than taking a day or two for yourself! Take your available day off to relax and do things that make your soul shine for the coming week.

Ideally, you’ll want to do what YOU love. I’ll share some things that I love to do or want to try, and I’ll also share some options recommended to me.

First decide if working out that day is something you want to do to honor your body, or if you feel you need rest. If you need rest, then go on with your day relaxing. If a workout would make you feel good, then throw on your fav workout clothes and get moving! My favorite thing about working out (besides wearing my favorite clothes) is the endorphin high afterwards. I swear on my worst days, all I need is a good workout to get me feeling like myself again.

Now, treat yourself to a delicious coffee or matcha or whatever drink you fancy. I usually go for coffee however matcha does tend to hit the spot on slow moving days. If going out for coffee isn’t your jam, you can always make something cozy at home or just drink water, hydration is key. Something else I really love to do to either get my day started or to help relax me throughout is a little bit of yoga. If you worked out the stretching aspect is nice, if you didn’t, do some restorative work it will deepen your relaxation and make you feel SO good.

Now that we are in an ultimate relaxation stage, take a long nice hot bath or shower with some eucalyptus. I hang eucalyptus over my shower head so that every steamy soak refreshes and relaxes my senses. If you enjoy baths I definitely recommend a nice bath bomb or maybe some epsom salts for muscle soreness and fatigue. Add a bit of lavender and light a candle, and you’re on your way to bliss.

All of these suggestions are interchangeable, if you like to workout in the evening do that, if not then dont. But make sure you make time to eat throughout the day! Nourish yourself to feel your best. I’ll be honest, I’m not a girl who loves to cook and I’m definitely someone who gives into her cravings more often then I like to admit, however I do notice a big change in my body and mood when I eat something healthy at home.

Now the rest of your day can go however you like. If you are in the mood to go out, throw on a cute, comfortable outfit and hit the town. If staying in is your vibe for this particular self care day then cozy up on the couch with a homemade cocktail, a hot tea, or whatever makes you feel good. Put on your fav show or movie or read your favorite book that you haven’t given yourself the time to read and indulge. Lower your expectations of what you think needs to be done that day and relax. Plan to do it tomorrow. Your body and mind need proper care to function at your highest level and frankly, you deserve to feel wonderful inside and out.

Now start planning your next self care day, what suggestions to you have for others reading this? What do you plan to do to make your soul shine?

Let me know in the comments or DM me on instagram!

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