Workout Must-Haves

Hey friends! From the workout to the street, athleisure is the most versatile and comfortable clothing out there. Last year I was more lax about how often I moved my body but this year I started in a new direction. We invested in a Peloton and I have been LOVING it! (not sponsored, I wish). From working out or doing a nice yoga flow at home to going out to grab coffee these recommendations will have you covered!

I’m loving everything Lululemon. At first, I thought, is it really worth the price? Do I need it? Well now that I am the proud owner of roughly 15 pieces of their wear I can say it definitely is worth it. However, try the outlets first, they’ll save you a ton!

Lululemon Leggings // Ugg Boots // North Face Jacket // Zara bag (similar) // Similar sweater

These leggings are some of my favorite, they’re bright and fun but are also SO comfy!! This was the best outfit for a walk around the city with a delicious latte at hand. The sweater linked is the same brand and similar. I got mine on clearance super cheap so it was too big, so I cropped it.

Zara Jacket // Lululemon Leggings // Doc Marten boots // Belt Bag (similar)

These are still my Lululemon leggings, with a cute workout long sleeve underneath the jacket, I just styled it up with a cute belt bag crossed over, a gorgeous jacket, and my fav boots.

Leggings and shorts are really the only workout clothing I spend more money on, as for me I feel it affects my training more if I’m uncomfortable in those areas. Usually for shirts and tanks and sports bras I go for whatever is cute/on sale. There are so many sites out now that have such cute workout items so the possibilities are endless. Below I’ll link some of my fav accessories/ items I use for a great home workout.

  1. Peloton Bike- linked here
  2. Hand Weights – linked here
  3. Ankle Weights- linked here
  4. Yoga Blocks- linked here
  5. Yoga Strap- linked here
  6. Yoga Mat- linked here
  7. Headphones- Airpods
  8. Scrunchies- linked here
  9. Protein- linked here
  10. Pre workout- linked here

Leave a comment with your must have workout clothing item or accessory!

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