Saturday Fun

Hello again, since my last post we have been really working on getting outside but also finishing decorating our house. Saturday was one of the first sunny days we had here in a what felt like weeks so we spent it the best way we knew how, outside.

First we slept in, which was fantastic. We then left and went for a long walk to a different part of town to have a few drinks and explore around. We then finished, walked back, and went to a few stores to get some finishing pieces for our apartment. We still have one corner to work on but so far I’m in love!

( Jacket- NorthFace / Shirt- Zara / Jeans- Zara / Boots- Blundstone / Bag- Steve Madden )

This outfit was cozy and comfortable and perfect for the day. I did make the mistake of trying to break in new shoes prior to putting on these boots that now my ankles are not happy with me. Overall, it was a super comfortable outfit for a chilly, sunny day. Most of these items I purchased on sale or at an outlet, so I recommend doing so before paying full price.

With the Black Friday coming up this week and everyone feeling the pressure to purchase gifts for everyone they know, please remember that the best gift is your health and happiness. Don’t feel pressured to purchase outside of your means just to keep up. Let’s be grateful this season for what we all still have not what we want.

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