Saturday Adventure

Hi friends! It is now late afternoon on Monday and my weekend was a mix of adventure and illness. Saturday we went for a fun hike but I weirdly woke up not feeling the best. That didn’t stop me (although maybe it should have lol) we did a fantastic 6 mi hike that brought us close enough to make the mountain look small. It was so beautiful. Sunday however I woke up ill with no energy, which wasn’t the best but I at least had an added day of rest.

If you are a lover of the outdoors and love to hike what is the best hike you’ve been on?

I like to keep my outfits simple while hiking, I don’t usually wear a backpack (I know most do) but I was with two other people who helped carry my things so I didn’t need one lol. I do like a fanny pack type belt to carry the important things like my phone, keys, and ID. (Thinks I dont like to leave in the car). Other than that I stick with a simple tank top and some leggings and usually hiking boots, but this time I wore my hiking sandals since there were multiple river crossings.

Leggings- Lululemon / Sandals- Chacos / Tank top (from forever ago) / Sports Bra- Aerie / Hat- Adidas / Belt- Lululemon

*Just a side note about the Lululemon gear, I rarely will spend money on it when it is full price, the quality is worth it, however I personally don’t like to spend that much on active wear. I am a regular at the outlet stores to find little treasures and have come out with multiple items at a fraction of the full priced cost.

What’s your favorite things to bring or wear on a hike?

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