We Moved!

Since my last post, actually as recent as this weekend, my husband and I have moved! Super exciting changes, were moved into a new apartment in a city. We’ve never actually lived in a city before, just visited regularly. We have a cute little apartment that I’m doing my best to make cozy and cute.

One of my fav things since moving is how close all of the extremely cute coffee shops are. Both my husband and I are college students so it’s GREAT having a place to study that isn’t being locked in at home.

Part of what I love about the city is going out more and exploring. It’s great to have an opportunity to wear something other than leggings and work clothes.

We’ve been really loving going to this really cute coffee shop and doing homework or sitting and catching up from the week.

*Most of these items are staples in my closet and have not been purchased recently, but I will link what I can!

Lands End Turtleneck / Abercrombie Jeans (similar) / Slides (similar) / Necklace / curling iron used

What’s your favorite fall- coffee date outfit?

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