Outdoor Essentials

Hey ladies! I hope life is treating you well (especially with everything going on in the world). I know I usually share food/travel/outfits and all that fun stuff but during quarantine and everything being shut down I have (re)found my love for the outdoors. (Cheesy I know lol). But really, I love being out in the sunshine with a cool breeze and an intense hike or on a boat on a lake with some good friends, or whatever you may choose that you love. So, I thought I would share some of the things I am loving for the outdoors.

Sephora Goodies (2)

1. Yeti Cooler- This cooler is literally the best, it is on the pricey side however if you need drinks to stay cool for days than this one is for you. It’s great for boat lake days and camping trips.

2. Columbia Hiking Boots- Love these boots. My husband just got them for me about a week ago and I broke them in on an 11 mi hike, they held up great, were comfortable the whole time, and the price point is great.

3. Free People Happiness Runs Crop- This is my favorite tank top to wear for every activity. If you’re small chested it has enough to hold you in, but it is also extremely cute and comfortable. Would also look great with a sports bra layered underneath. I have this in two colors but there are so many great options.

4. Under Armour Shorts- LOVE these shorts. They fit great and feel so comfy. I highly recommend trying on before purchase because I had to size down but they are so worth it, and they’re on sale right now!

5. LL Bean Wool Socks- Wool socks are a must have when on long hiking trips, they retain heat even if wet. Definitely recommend a good pair of wool socks if you are planning a long hiking adventure.

6. HydroFlask Water Bottle-  Obviously these are great, I think everyone knows that by now, I love a good insulated water bottle for long day adventures. For hiking, I would probably recommend something like a camelbak but I just put mine in our backpack and it worked great.

7. Patagonia Nine Trails Backpack- We don’t own this specific backpack however we do have a different Patagonia one that works fantastic. We love how durable they are and how much they can hold without feeling too uncomfortable.

8. SunBum Sunscreen- I love this sunscreen, it smells like summer and sunshine and also keeps me from getting burnt. I also love their after sun lotion, it also smells amazing but helps soothe any burns or irritation!

9. Sweatshirt- A simple Hane’s sweatshirt is what I wore on this most recent hike but any will do, I recommend it as once you get to the top it does get quite chilly.

10. Portable Charger- Great to have in case your phone dies looking for reception on a hike or if you are just taking too many pics on the lake, you can recharge without worry.

*Not linked but necessary include- Snacks (esp for the end of a hike) and Bug spray

Here are pics of our most recent hike, you can see how beautiful it was! Again, these are items that are great for hiking but also awesome for camping, lake days, island trips, etc.




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