Relaxed Outfit on a Budget

Hey ladies! It’s so good to be here writing again after taking time off. I know life is still crazy but doing little things everyday that you love will help you hold your sanity. Yesterday my husband and I went to a delicious taco spot and placed a to go order. We stopped at the beach and ate it whilst sitting in the back of our car and drinking a delicious beer. It’s all in the little things. We walked on the beach and talked and it was one of the best days we’ve had during this quarantine. The outfit I wore yesterday was one of  the most comfortable I own and all of it was either on clearance or thrifted.


These jeans are my absolute favorite! The fit is amazing and they’re very unique. They’re the Levi 721 High Rise Skinny jeans. I scored mine at TJ Maxx for $20 which was one of my best finds, however they have cute ones on the website too! The sweater was a stellar thrift store find. It is a warm navy blue knit sweater by Kendra Scott. When I found it, it was much larger than I would normally purchase and it had shoulder pads.. not a fan. But I saw potential. So I bought it for $3, washed it, ripped out the shoulder pads, and gave it a nice crop. Unfortunately I can’t link it, but go to your local thrift store and use your imagination for something cute like this.

*Side note: The extremely adorable corduroy scrunchie I have on my wrist  is one of the many I have purchased from a cute site called ShopPosey. She is a small business (love them) and works so hard to make quality extremely cute scrunchies.

The shoes I’m wearing are just classic cream slip on vans. I purchased them a few years ago and they are one of my favs. I purchased them on sale, but dont know if they’re running anymore sales or have them in stock.


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