Leavenworth Travel Guide

Hey babes! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and if not, a happy weekend! This past Thursday was my birthday and to celebrate Lu took me on a mini vacation to Leavenworth, WA.

I’m finding Leavenworth isn’t commonly heard about unless you live in the state, so I’ll give you a little overview. It is a quaint little town past Stevens Pass (beautiful mountain pass) that is themed in all things Bavarian. All the buildings and hotels were old time german as was the food themes and drinks. Now it may not sound like your cup of tea if you don’t like “german themed foods” however there is something for everyone.

As you enter town there is the cutest welcome sign and past it you begin to see all of the german styled buildings.


Now I would love to take the credit for all of the amazing food choices but Lu planned and researched the WHOLE trip and took us to some of the best places you can go to.

First up, Stein Leavenworth. We had just gotten in after a three hour drive and were ready for some good food and good drinks. We shared a pretzel with beer cheese (yes its as good as it sounds) and paired it with two IPA’s (very WA, I know). One of the best ways to start the trip.


Next up, (and before you judge or think to hard about it, yes we ate ALOT) we stopped at a place called Sulla Vita. It was primarily italian styled food like delicious wood fire pizza (what we had and couldn’t get enough of) and they had pastas and really good wine. The establishment was beautiful and there is heated outdoor seating for the wintertime. The pizza we got was called the Carne. Highly recommend this place.


Alright if you’re a fan of Brat Wurst and you’re a fan of spicy foods, I can’t recommend this brat we had enough. It was at this place called Rhein Haus. They have apparently a few locations in WA but I can’t guarantee they offer the same items on their menus. BUT we started out our meal with a Haus Pretzel with beer fondue (I know), and paired it with their drink called the Raspy Mule. (A raspberry moscow mule, delish). That wasn’t even the main course for this one. Next we ordered a Habanero Cheddarwurst. Yes it was spicy and yes it was very delicious. It comes with the Wurst, Kraut, and a side of fries with curry ketchup. YUM.


Between all of these delicious places we also got some amazing drinks. If you find yourself in Leavenworth not sure where to go to drink here are a few we went to and loved.

If you love ciders we HIGHLY recommend Bushel & Bee. They have delicious ciders, so many options and a great vibe. It’s a cozy, home like place where you can chill and drink or even play some board games. Another great cider place is Leavenworth Cider. They also have a huge selection as well as HUGE pretzels. Its a large open space full of light, laughter, and games. It’s great.

Another good one is Bavarian Bistro and Bar. Their pretzel and cheese wasn’t my favorite at this location, however I did order a mushroom gravy pasta that was delicious and my marg was SO good. (didn’t get a pic, it’s a darker place at night)

Our next favorite place was breakfast. Louie’s Cafe was one of the best breakfast spots we could have chosen. It’s small and quaint and everyone in town recommended it. I ordered the french toast with scrambled eggs and bacon (as pictured). Lu ordered the Denver Omelet with hashbrowns. He said it was good just needed some cheese (lol).


(T-shirt is from Aslan Brewing Co / Beanie is from Amazon)

If you can make it during the winter (it can be rough through the pass) I recommend it. It was my first time going however the cold air and the Christmas decorations made it that much better. The huge Christmas tree was lit as well as all the streets.

Down the main street there are a ton of cute little shops and other restaurants to check out. We loved checking out the Cheesemonger, it’s a basement shop that has samples of cheese and sauces for purchase.

We also really liked the Oil and Vinegar Cellar, we bought some salts and oils from there for dinners at home. Overall, Leavenworth is a must see town, especially if you already live in WA or plan to visit nearby. the food and drink selections are out of this country (lol see what I did there?). The people are so friendly and the town is just as cute as can be.




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