Our trip to Whistler BC

Hello everyone! It’s now Tuesday and I hope your weekends were full of fun and laughter with those you love. My husband and I spent Friday and Saturday in Whistler BC. Honestly, it was one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to.

I wanted to take a little bit of time to share some must sees/restaurants we recommend (that we tried). Now I’ll be fully transparent and let you know now we did not do a lot of the “outdoor” activities Whistler is known for as they were SUPER expensive. But what we did do, we enjoyed! (We stayed pretty phone free the entire trip, only got a few pictures of the meals/fun times)

First thing’s first, the food. If you stay in the Village there are at least 25+ restaurants in walking distance (craziness) and an equally excessive amount of coffee shops (if that’s possible). The first night we were there, Friday, we ate at a pizza/pasta place called Pizzeria Antico. I got pasta (of course), Lu got pizza and we both enjoyed our meals. Alright now for breakfast on Saturday we had crepes. I had NEVER tried a crepe before so I was thrilled. We went to the restaurant Crepe Montagne. I ordered the nutella and banana crepe, with a mimosa (oh yeah) and Lu ordered the Slolum, a crepe folded to perfection with a sunny side up egg, fresh tomatoes, canadian bacon, and cheese. (I tried it, it was amazing).



After crepes we went and got some iced coffees from Blenz Coffee. It was good, but nothing to write home about. The atmosphere was more like a corporate coffee shop rather than that local feel which I’m not as much a fan of however it had great reviews online so that is why we chose them over other shops.

Alright, I’ll be honest dinner Saturday night is not worth sharing. We went to “El Furniture Warehouse” weird name right? lol. Well they specialize in bar food and advertise for $5.95 full menu all day, and I’ll let you know now, that is the quality you will get. Lu got fish tacos that looked like fish sticks, I got nachos so well done the paper stuck to the chips and the margarita I got was far from thrilling. BUT, that’s ok. If you’re into bar food/something super cheap, go for it! The highlight place we should have had a full meal at, but didn’t was “21 Steps Kitchen + Bar.” Lu tried the fried chicken appetizer (AMAZING) and I got a bread basket as I wasn’t feeling too good. But it was so good. The service was awesome and the food was incredible, and the wine was good too of course lol. Highly recommend, it is a pricier place so you may need to plan for it, but totally worth it if you do.

Alright. Enough with food. Although I love it and love to share everything I eat lol I need to share a must do.

Scandinave Spa in Whistler was the most relaxing, beautiful, earthy, good vibe place I have ever been to. There are hot pools, cool pools, saunas, and soooo many places to sit and meditate and relax. You can get a massage with the one you love and take a dip in the pools and relaxation right after. Literally a dream. 

Downside. It’s expensive (its a spa, I guess it’s to be expected). BUT if you can swing it and you’re visiting, do it. Seriously. 


However, like I said before, we didn’t do a lot of what they had as it was super expensive. If you’re planning a trip to Whistler BC anytime soon, save your pennies!


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