Saturday Fun

Hello again, since my last post we have been really working on getting outside but also finishing decorating our house. Saturday was one of the first sunny days we had here in a what felt like weeks so we spent it the best way we knew how, outside.

First we slept in, which was fantastic. We then left and went for a long walk to a different part of town to have a few drinks and explore around. We then finished, walked back, and went to a few stores to get some finishing pieces for our apartment. We still have one corner to work on but so far I’m in love!

( Jacket- NorthFace / Shirt- Zara / Jeans- Zara / Boots- Blundstone / Bag- Steve Madden )

This outfit was cozy and comfortable and perfect for the day. I did make the mistake of trying to break in new shoes prior to putting on these boots that now my ankles are not happy with me. Overall, it was a super comfortable outfit for a chilly, sunny day. Most of these items I purchased on sale or at an outlet, so I recommend doing so before paying full price.

With the Black Friday coming up this week and everyone feeling the pressure to purchase gifts for everyone they know, please remember that the best gift is your health and happiness. Don’t feel pressured to purchase outside of your means just to keep up. Let’s be grateful this season for what we all still have not what we want.

My Favorites/Gift Ideas

Now that Halloween is over, I feel now is the time to start sharing all of my favorites and possible ideas for gifts for that special lady in your life. (That may be yourself, and I’m all for that).

Some items in the list are things I have now, I’ve had in the past, or I really want but have tried on in person. First up, are my fashion favs!

  1. Chelsea Platform Doc Martens– My all time favorite boot, they are so comfortable and durable. Something about them makes me feel powerful and confident. They are pricey however they are worth every penny, they will last for years. Tip: If you’re a student you get 20% off!
  2. Black Adidas beanie– I actually just purchased this yesterday and I feel like I haven’t taken it off since. It is so warm and comfortable. I feel like some beanies can feel heavy and constricting, not this one! I got mine from Marshall’s at half the price they normally are, so def check there first if it’s on your list.
  3. Marc Jacobs Crossbody– I’ve had a few Marc Jacobs bags in the past and this is one that I REALLY want. Like the others it’s simplistic, edgy, and great quality. (ON SALE- 30% off right now!)
  4. A Classic Black Blazer– I love them. Something about the sophisticated look of them to dress up any outfit will always be a fav. Tip: Buy them a little oversized over some leggings with boots. SO cute!
  5. Spanx Faux Leather leggings– These are so good. They hug you so well that you feel like strutting everywhere you go. They look chic and edgy but are oh so comfy! I had a pair that was sadly too small, but I am looking to buy a pair again! Tip: Size up, they do run small. I’m 5′ and I fit the petite.
  6. A good pair of black skinny jeans– My favorite jeans currently are either Levi’s or Abercrombie however once we get down to Seattle where the closest Madewell is I will be trying out their jeans! I could order online, but I do want to see about sizing, who knows maybe I’ll just go for it 😉
  7. Black croc leather phone case– I just purchased mine on Etsy and I am in love! I will link the direct store I purchased from, the quality is great and it shipped fast. They also offer a personalization! I got my initials in gold on the case, so cute!
  8. Zara satin tank– One of my favorite purchases from Zara. It is lightweight but elegant. It dresses up a cute pair of jeans with some mules and maybe a blazer. Tip: Size up if you want more of a loose fit, mine is pretty tight, runs small.
  9. Steve Madden Snakeskin mules– These are on my want list! I’ve tried them on and I love them so much I just have yet to actually purchase. They are fantastic quality and so comfortable. I would recommend sizing up a half size, they run a little small. I linked similar to the ones I want.
  10. A classic white button up– I purchased mine from H&M, you can get a nice one anywhere however I wanted something on the cheaper side because I didn’t know at the time how much I would wear it. I love it so much, it is such a staple in my closet. It makes any outfit a little more sophisticated and sexy. I usually pair it over the Zara tank.
  1. Bumble and Bumble Dry Oil spray– I got this stuff last time I got my hair done because my frizz was out of control, I love it so much! It smells amazing and it’s nice and light. I have fine hair, but a lot of it so regular oil weighs me down and gets too greasy.
  2. Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume– I just got this perfume yesterday after searching for the perfect scent and I am so in love with it. It is a deeper more seductive scent rather than the light florals I usually reach for, it is by far my fav. Plus the packaging is beautiful. Tip: it’s 15% off right now!
  3. Boar Bristle brush– This brush is great for detangling without pain, it is apparently great for breakage and frizz. So far I love mine.
  4. Ouai Leave in Conditioner– This makes my hair so soft, because I have a ton of fine hair they tangle oh so easily so a good leave in is necessary. This really helps detangle and smooth out my hair.
  5. Hempz Body Wash– The white peach and peony scent is wonderfully refreshing. It smells amazing and the formula is nice and moisturizing. It’s on the pricier side however if you can find a good sale they’re worth it.
  6. Benefit Cheek Stars Palette– I’ve tried the Hoola Bronzer and Dandelion Blush before and loved them, this palette is on my want list.
  7. Charlotte Tillbury Legendary Lashes– I love this mascara. The brush is the perfect shape for lengthening lashes without clumping them. The formula is long lasting and makes your eyelashes look long and elegant.
  8. Nars Lipstick– I got the shade Anita, this lipstick is beautiful, from it’s packaging to it’s formula. The packaging is black and sleek and edgy with a magnetic assisted closure. The color is a beautiful mix of pinks and reds.
  9. Tula skincare set– I have tried a few products from Tula previously but recently ordered this set as I am in need of a new skincare routine. This set is on a great sale and is too good to pass up.
  10. Drybar Liquid Glass shampoo & conditioner– One word for these, LOVE. The scent is subtle and beautiful and the sleek, shine that it gives my hair is fabulous. This is my first time purchasing high end shampoo and conditioner and all I can say is.. why did I wait so long?
  11. Morphe Eyebrow pencil– This is so cheap but great quality. I got the second lightest shade because I like my eyebrows darker. Highly recommend.
  12. Hot Tools 1.25″ barrel curling iron– This curling iron does a great job, it isn’t the quality of the higher end more expensive ones, however for the price it is a great iron. Eventually I will invest in a higher end one, but this iron has lasted me a long time and given me well over what I paid.
  13. Morphe Liquid Lipstick– I was a little unsure when I saw that this lipstick is only $10, but when I put it on I was in disbelief. It is light and moisturizing. My lips didn’t flake like they do with some liquid lipsticks, it has that barely there feel.
  14. Chanel Chance perfume– This perfume is a staple of mine, it is on the lighter more floral side but I’ve had it for a while and love it.

Are there any favorites you have that you’re excited to gift?


It is now the Monday after Halloween, I hope everyone has recovered well if you went out and if you didn’t I hope you still had the best time. We started out the Saturday drinking mimosas at the house getting ready for a fun adventure day ahead.

First we went to Bellewood Farms & Distillery, we drank homemade cider cocktails and walked around there pumpkins (or lack there of) and corn fields. We walked through the apple trees and had the best time.

The weather was absolutely perfect, cool enough to wear a sweater yet warm enough to not need a jacket. This outfit is full of staples for me, I just purchased this sweater in the last month but everything else I’ve had for months to years. The sweater is from Lucky Brand, it is cozy and I sized up to make it a little more oversized and comfortable. (linked a similar sweater) The jeans are from Abercrombie & Fitch, I’ve had them for over 2 years now and they are so comfortable and fit so well. (linked similar jeans, and they’re on SALE right now!) These boots are also my fav, I got them for activities like this, they handle muddy and wet patches well and stay looking cute and comfy. (linked similar in black)

After the farm we enjoyed a nice drink at a local brewery then went out with some friends for Halloween, we went to dinner then we went axe throwing which was so fun! My husband surprised me Friday with halloween costumes that he picked out special. We went out as Avocado Toast, I was the avo, he was the toast. I was going to post a picture here however technology isn’t on my side right now, so if you want to see it check out the picutre on my instagram!

What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up?

Date Day Out

Hello friends! Life has been so busy lately, between work, school, and trying to have a personal life, I’m finally able to get back on here and share a few of my staples as of late.

I’m loving these black chelsea platform boots from Dr. Marten’s. They are so comfortable and so versatile and go well with nearly every outfit.

As you (maybe) saw in one of my previous posts I mentioned this corduroy jacket from Zara (similar linked), and I am still so in love with it. This top is actually a black bodysuit that I got on sale at Forever 21. I dont usually shop there (it’s honestly a little overwhelming lol) but I found this gem and have worn it over 10 times in under a month. Worth it!

This bag is one of my all time favorite finds! It is a vintage Gucci Boston bag and I love it so much (here is a similar one linked). It’s big enough that it holds everything I could need, but it also comes with a crossbody strap to help go hands free on shopping trips. The jeans are Levi jeans that I found at TJ Maxx as a lucky find and have worn them so frequently. Unfortunately I can’t link them as they are past season, but any light wash Levi jeans can be a great replacement for this outfit.

I couldn’t help but share my delicious matcha latte and GF coffee cake that I also ordered on our day date! It was at the cutest coffee shop which was the place pictured in my “We Moved” post. I love the vibe and how light and open the shop is and it’s the best place to get work done!

What’s your favorite outfit pairing? Do you have any staples that you cannot live without?

Saturday Adventure

Hi friends! It is now late afternoon on Monday and my weekend was a mix of adventure and illness. Saturday we went for a fun hike but I weirdly woke up not feeling the best. That didn’t stop me (although maybe it should have lol) we did a fantastic 6 mi hike that brought us close enough to make the mountain look small. It was so beautiful. Sunday however I woke up ill with no energy, which wasn’t the best but I at least had an added day of rest.

If you are a lover of the outdoors and love to hike what is the best hike you’ve been on?

I like to keep my outfits simple while hiking, I don’t usually wear a backpack (I know most do) but I was with two other people who helped carry my things so I didn’t need one lol. I do like a fanny pack type belt to carry the important things like my phone, keys, and ID. (Thinks I dont like to leave in the car). Other than that I stick with a simple tank top and some leggings and usually hiking boots, but this time I wore my hiking sandals since there were multiple river crossings.

Leggings- Lululemon / Sandals- Chacos / Tank top (from forever ago) / Sports Bra- Aerie / Hat- Adidas / Belt- Lululemon

*Just a side note about the Lululemon gear, I rarely will spend money on it when it is full price, the quality is worth it, however I personally don’t like to spend that much on active wear. I am a regular at the outlet stores to find little treasures and have come out with multiple items at a fraction of the full priced cost.

What’s your favorite things to bring or wear on a hike?

We Moved!

Since my last post, actually as recent as this weekend, my husband and I have moved! Super exciting changes, were moved into a new apartment in a city. We’ve never actually lived in a city before, just visited regularly. We have a cute little apartment that I’m doing my best to make cozy and cute.

One of my fav things since moving is how close all of the extremely cute coffee shops are. Both my husband and I are college students so it’s GREAT having a place to study that isn’t being locked in at home.

Part of what I love about the city is going out more and exploring. It’s great to have an opportunity to wear something other than leggings and work clothes.

We’ve been really loving going to this really cute coffee shop and doing homework or sitting and catching up from the week.

*Most of these items are staples in my closet and have not been purchased recently, but I will link what I can!

Lands End Turtleneck / Abercrombie Jeans (similar) / Slides (similar) / Necklace / curling iron used

What’s your favorite fall- coffee date outfit?

Outdoor Essentials

Hey ladies! I hope life is treating you well (especially with everything going on in the world). I know I usually share food/travel/outfits and all that fun stuff but during quarantine and everything being shut down I have (re)found my love for the outdoors. (Cheesy I know lol). But really, I love being out in the sunshine with a cool breeze and an intense hike or on a boat on a lake with some good friends, or whatever you may choose that you love. So, I thought I would share some of the things I am loving for the outdoors.

Sephora Goodies (2)

1. Yeti Cooler- This cooler is literally the best, it is on the pricey side however if you need drinks to stay cool for days than this one is for you. It’s great for boat lake days and camping trips.

2. Columbia Hiking Boots- Love these boots. My husband just got them for me about a week ago and I broke them in on an 11 mi hike, they held up great, were comfortable the whole time, and the price point is great.

3. Free People Happiness Runs Crop- This is my favorite tank top to wear for every activity. If you’re small chested it has enough to hold you in, but it is also extremely cute and comfortable. Would also look great with a sports bra layered underneath. I have this in two colors but there are so many great options.

4. Under Armour Shorts- LOVE these shorts. They fit great and feel so comfy. I highly recommend trying on before purchase because I had to size down but they are so worth it, and they’re on sale right now!

5. LL Bean Wool Socks- Wool socks are a must have when on long hiking trips, they retain heat even if wet. Definitely recommend a good pair of wool socks if you are planning a long hiking adventure.

6. HydroFlask Water Bottle-  Obviously these are great, I think everyone knows that by now, I love a good insulated water bottle for long day adventures. For hiking, I would probably recommend something like a camelbak but I just put mine in our backpack and it worked great.

7. Patagonia Nine Trails Backpack- We don’t own this specific backpack however we do have a different Patagonia one that works fantastic. We love how durable they are and how much they can hold without feeling too uncomfortable.

8. SunBum Sunscreen- I love this sunscreen, it smells like summer and sunshine and also keeps me from getting burnt. I also love their after sun lotion, it also smells amazing but helps soothe any burns or irritation!

9. Sweatshirt- A simple Hane’s sweatshirt is what I wore on this most recent hike but any will do, I recommend it as once you get to the top it does get quite chilly.

10. Portable Charger- Great to have in case your phone dies looking for reception on a hike or if you are just taking too many pics on the lake, you can recharge without worry.

*Not linked but necessary include- Snacks (esp for the end of a hike) and Bug spray

Here are pics of our most recent hike, you can see how beautiful it was! Again, these are items that are great for hiking but also awesome for camping, lake days, island trips, etc.




Relaxed Outfit on a Budget

Hey ladies! It’s so good to be here writing again after taking time off. I know life is still crazy but doing little things everyday that you love will help you hold your sanity. Yesterday my husband and I went to a delicious taco spot and placed a to go order. We stopped at the beach and ate it whilst sitting in the back of our car and drinking a delicious beer. It’s all in the little things. We walked on the beach and talked and it was one of the best days we’ve had during this quarantine. The outfit I wore yesterday was one of  the most comfortable I own and all of it was either on clearance or thrifted.


These jeans are my absolute favorite! The fit is amazing and they’re very unique. They’re the Levi 721 High Rise Skinny jeans. I scored mine at TJ Maxx for $20 which was one of my best finds, however they have cute ones on the website too! The sweater was a stellar thrift store find. It is a warm navy blue knit sweater by Kendra Scott. When I found it, it was much larger than I would normally purchase and it had shoulder pads.. not a fan. But I saw potential. So I bought it for $3, washed it, ripped out the shoulder pads, and gave it a nice crop. Unfortunately I can’t link it, but go to your local thrift store and use your imagination for something cute like this.

*Side note: The extremely adorable corduroy scrunchie I have on my wrist  is one of the many I have purchased from a cute site called ShopPosey. She is a small business (love them) and works so hard to make quality extremely cute scrunchies.

The shoes I’m wearing are just classic cream slip on vans. I purchased them a few years ago and they are one of my favs. I purchased them on sale, but dont know if they’re running anymore sales or have them in stock.


Online Shopping (pt 1)

Hi ladies! It has been a minute since I’ve posted. I’ve been in school and trying to navigate life with all of the new regulations. But let’s not talk about that right now, it’s already saturating everyday life, right?! I know you all are similar to me where you can’t go out and go shopping so why not online shop?? SO many stores are having sales and although shipping has been taking longer it is worth the wait.

Honestly a few of my orders still haven’t come in and it’s been over a month, BUT the companies have been super helpful and again, there are other things to think about right now.

So let’s get into it!

As of late I have been trying my best to change over most of my products to natural and ethically made to do my part in helping out my body and the planet. I haven’t done this with every single piece but primarily I do my best. Sephora had a pretty decent sale so I chose a few things to try out for my first time!

Sephora Goodies

The first thing I purchased is the Youth To The People Superfood Air Whip Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer. Boy is that a long name! I’ve read many great things about this product and it is a “Clean at Sephora” product. Honestly it’s a little spendy at $48 for 2 oz, however I’m willing to pay for quality and healthy products. That is my only “clean” product I purchased as I have a good amount of skincare at home, but I did order two lip products I’ve heard great things about. The first is the Too Faced Lip injection lip plumper. I only purchase the mini size as I am pretty picky about lip gloss and didn’t want to pay full price if I didn’t like it. The mini sized product is only a few dollars less, but I hate to create waste if I dont have to. My last purchase from Sephora is the Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss. I have heard people rave about the quality of this gloss and I couldn’t pass up purchasing it on sale. I purchased the shade “shimmering soft pink” and I cannot wait for it to come in the mail to try.

Next up is Urban Outfitters. They had 50% off their sale items and you guys, I bought so much! This is one of those orders that has taken over a month to get here (face palm) but I understand and customer service is helping me out! I bought a good mix of home things and personal! (I will do my best to link what I purchased, again they are sale items so hopefully they’re still in stock).

Sephora Goodies (1)

First up for my home items is this beautiful Rattan Mirror, unfortunately it is sold out, but if it comes back in stock, jump at it, it is beautiful. Next I purchased this really pretty Sherpa Butterfly chair cover. I wont lie, I thought it was the whole chair at first thought, but the cover is beautiful and goes great with the gold base I purchased off of Amazon. It is pricey, but at 50% off I couldn’t pass it up and it’s still in stock. I also got a candle, because they smell AMAZING but aren’t worth full price (in my opinion) I ordered the scent “Dusk”. I had planned on sharing all of my home purchases but they are no longer on site. So these are the few that I loved from my order!

My personal items like sweaters and shirts that I purchased from UO has not come in yet, I will create a new post for this once they come in as I dont want to share anything until I know it’s great quality and I completely love it. (Watch for that in the coming weeks)

I ordered two pairs of jeans from Abercrombie but had to exchange sizes on one pair so I’ll share the one pair that I do love. These are it, they are SO comfy, high wasted and the distressed bottoms have me in love. I also just looked and they still have BOGO 50% off jeans!

Look out for part 2 as I receive my items in the mail!






Corduroy is back!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a fabulous day, I’m at the coffee shop, taking a break from being home to write this post!

My absolute favorite 90’s trend is back — Corduroy. If you don’t like it, totally cool, it’s definitely not for everyone, but I love it. I remember growing up I had a really cute pair of black corduroy overalls that I would wear ALLL the time.

I always love a good corduroy piece of clothing, but I’m also jumping on the corduroy crossbody/tote train. They are so adorable and flow with any outfit you wear.


(Jeans: American Eagle // Sweatshirt: HM // Jacket: Zara (similar and ON SALE) // Shoes: Vans // Crossbody: Madewell // Sunglasses: Amazon )

This is such a good outfit. We went for breakfast out of town after our yoga class and this was the go to. It was comfortable, warm enough, and the layers weren’t super annoying like they generally can be. This cross body is so good. It’s so soft and versatile and goes with everything. It holds all of the necessities but isn’t too bulky, it’s great quality and def worth the price. I would have preferred to wear some type of combat boot with this outfit, so if you have some, go for it. I unfortunately haven’t purchased a pair yet so I stuck with the classic slip on sneakers.